Manon de Boer’s new film one, two, many has been selected for official competition at the International Documentary Festival of Marseille (FIDMarseille, 4-9 July). Both Isabelle Tollenaere’s Viva Paradis and Fanny Zaman's DplusOne are also screening at the fest in the ‘Threads of Power’ sidebar.

Still from Manon de Boer's one, two, manyAuguste Orts, the production and distribution company behind one, two, many, can officially celebrate its third film in competition at FIDMarseille. Herman Asselbergh’s Dear Steve was the first to be invited in 2010, while Sven Augustijnen’s Spectres followed suit the next year and even captured three awards (GNCR Award, the Media Libraries Award and a Special Mention). This year its Manon de Boer’s turn with one, two, many, which is also set for its world premiere in Marseille.

The film is made up of three performances: a flute piece with continuous breathing, a spoken monologue, and a song by four singers in front of an audience. Starting from different audiovisual perspectives, each section explores the existential space of the voice. Connecting the three performances are the central themes of the individual's body, listening to the other, and finding the right distance for multiple voices in a social space.

Manon de Boer is somewhat of a regular in Marseille: in 2010 her film Think about Wood, Think about Metal featured in the ‘Secret Conversations’ sidebar while in 2009 de Boer herself was on the fest’s international jury.

Last year, Isabelle Tollenaere’s Viva Paradis featured at both IDFA, where it screened in the Paradocs section, and CPH:DOX in Copenhagen. The documentary takes a snapshot of Tunisia, a country in the midst of transformation; from an abandoned luxury hotel and the ruins of Carthage, to the traces of the recent revolution. Viva Paradis focuses on the moment after the journalists have left and the incessant flow of media coverage has stopped. Everything seems to stand still. At the same time, the first tourists return, in search of the sun, as in the Tunisia of yesterday. In 2010, Isabelle Tollenaere’s previous doc, Trickland, screened at FIDMarseille in ‘The Trails’ sidebar.

Director Fanny Zaman also has experience at FIDMarseille. In 2008 she joined the line-up in the 'First Film Competition' with her film Surface. DplusOne, which is running in the ‘Threads of Power’ sidebar and is set for its World Premiere at this year's FID,  is a portrait of a newly installed electronic trade system set in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX), for coffee, sesame, maize and beans is in its initialstage. The camera settles itself amongst the traders (the set) slowly observing people, interior, comments and gestures untildetails reveal alternative layers, noise and complexity. D plus one portrays the economics withinthis particular set and produces an ambivalent image.

At the heart of FIDMarseille’s artistic choices is the documentary genre. Championed like an art of testimony with no requirement as to format, the festival welcomes films and artists who play with the transversality of the arts. Since 2007, the festival has taken the decisive step of welcoming in the official selection fiction films alongside documentaries. Last year, the festival presented around 170 films from around the world.

One, two, many is produced by Marie Logie and Véronique Vaes for Auguste Orts. Viva Paradis and DplusOne were self-produced by their director. Both One, two, many and Viva Paradis were made with the support of the VAF/Film Fund.

Published on Tuesday 5 June 2012

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