Moon Blaisse's Sometime Later has won two awards at Mexico’s Guanajuato International Film Festival (22-31 July). The short grabbed both the Signis Award for Best International Short Fiction and the WIF Award for Best Short Fiction by a Female Director.

Still from Moon Blaisse's Sometime LaterThe jury for the WIF Award praised the film as 'a fascinating exploration of human characters', noting that the 'film was selected for its unique direction by a woman: Moon Blaisse. We look forward to seeing her future works.' The Short Fiction jury lauded the creative language of the film and how it calls attention to 'the risks of globalisation that we are living and the urgency of recognising our responsible connections’. The film also screened at the the True Independent Film Festival in Seattle. After Guanajuato, the short will be heading for the Emmentaler Kurzfilmtage in Switzerland.

In Sometime Later everyone is busy. Everyone 'has to…' because there are constant expectations. People start lots of things, but one way or another, they never get round to finishing them. They think all kinds of things about others, and they're afraid that others think all kinds of things about them. They advise each other to follow their hearts, their feeling and intuition, or to buy a book that teaches you 'how to…' in a few simple steps. But a barely perceptible loneliness sneaks up on the independent, prosperous and successful individual. They all feel it, but they're all too busy.

Sometime Later is produced by Jules Debrock for production company Pain Perdu. Moon Blaisse also won a VAF Wildcard for Sometime Later. The VAF Wildcard programme is aimed at giving recently graduated filmmaking talent the chance to embark on a first professional project.

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Published on Tuesday 16 August 2011

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