Flemish TV show Sorry voor alles (Sorry About That) has won Best Non-Scripted Entertainment at the 45th edition of the International Emmy Awards, the most important TV awards outside the US. Flemish comedy series Callboys was also nominated.

Sorry voor allesSorry voor alles is a candid-camera TV show in which the participants’ lives are staged for a whole month with the help of family and friends, resulting in bizarre situations and surprising encounters.

The show was produced by Warnes Bros Belgium and was a big hit on Flemish public broadcaster Eén when it was aired last autumn. It has already won a silver medal at the World Media Festival in Hamburg and a gold medal at the New York Festival.

Sorry voor alles is the third Flemish TV show to take home an International Emmy, after Benidorm Bastards in 2011 and the second season of What if? in 2014.

Published on Monday 20 November 2017

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