Lukas Bossuyt’s debut feature Sum of Histories has won the Silver Méliès for Best European Fantastic Feature Film at the Trieste Science+Fiction Festival in Italy. Moonwalkers, a co-production with Flanders, took home the Audience Award.

Sum of HistoriesThe Jury praised Sum of Histories “for showing the compelling interlacement of the characters’ lives within the sci-fi trope of timeline alteration” and also praised the director for “providing an intriguing analysis of the latest discoveries in the field of quantum physics”.

Bossuyt’s film is a love story with a touch of sci-fi. The main character is Viktor, a brilliant young professor who discovers a way to manipulate time. He soon learns that changing the past is not without risk. Main roles are played by Koen De Graeve (The Misfortunates), Matteo Simoni (Marina) and Robrecht Vanden Thoren (Come As You Are); the producer is Caviar.

Winning the Silver Méliès Award in Trieste guarantees that Sum of Histories will compete for the Méliès d’Or, the prize for Best European Fantastic Feature which is awarded annually by the Federation of European Fantastic Film Festivals.

In Trieste, Moonwalkers also won the festival’s Audience Award. The comedy, starring Ron Perlman and Harry Potter’s Rupert Grint, was co-produced with Flanders through production company Potemkino.

Published on Tuesday 8 November 2016

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