At the close of the Ostend Film Festival (7 – 15 September 2012) the Flemish film industry gathered in Ostend for the third annual Flemish Film Awards, now called the ‘Ensors’. Nic Balthazar’s Time of My Life, Nicolas Provost’s The Invader and Frank Van Mechelen’s Germaine were the winners of the evening with three or more Awards. This edition also saw the introduction of a number of new awards such as Best Documentary (Epilogue).

Still of Nic Balthazar's Time of My LifeTime of my life (pictured on the left) won the awards for Best feature, Best actor in a leading role (Geert Van Rampelberg) and Best Editing (Philippe Ravoet). Based on a true story, Time of My Life is the story of MS-patient  Mario Verstraete who was not only instrumental in legalising euthanasia in Belgium… but was also the first to make use of that new law. Peter Bouckaert produced the film for Eyeworks Film & TV Drama.

The Invader, directed by Nicolas Provost, won four Ensors at the Award ceremony:  Best Director (Nicolas Provost), Best Director of Photography (Frank Van den Eeden), Best Music (Evgueni and Sacha Galperine) and finally Best Costume (Nathalie Leborgne). The invader tells the story of an illegal African immigrant whose journey begins in Brussels as he searches, like many other immigrants, for a better place in the world. The feature was produced by Antonino Lombardo for Prime Time (Kid, Little Black Spiders). Lombardo was also the Flemish producer for Joachim Lafosse’s Our Children, wich won Best Coproduction in Ostend. The film was recently also announced as Belgium’s Oscar Submission.

Germaine also grabbed three Awards, namely Best Actress (Evelien Bosmans), Best supporting actor (Lukas Van den Eynde) and Best supporting actress (Tiny Bertels). Germaine is 18 years old in 1971 and lives with her parents and grandfather in a small house in Balen. Working in a supermarket, she listens to pop music and dreams of a better life when the workers at the town factory, including her own reluctant father, decide to go on strike. Although not supported by their Unions, the workers refuse to give in and hold out for three months. It changes their lives forever. The film was produced by Eric Wirix for Skyline Entertainment.

Geoffrey Enthoven’s Come As You Are was also awarded with Best Screenplay (Pierre de Clercq) and Best Debut (Tom Audenaert). Finally, Hotel Swooni by Kaat Beels got recognition for its Art Direction (Hubert Pouille). This year, the festival introduced new awards for Best Short, Best Animated Short and Best Documentary. These Awards went respectively to Raf & Jan Roosens’s Skunk, Roman Klochkov’s Natasha and Manno Lanssens’s Epilogue.

Published on Saturday 15 September 2012

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