Bavo Defurne’s feature debut, North Sea Texas, opens in British theatres today. It’s quite exceptional for a Belgian film from Flanders to get a wide UK release. Peccadillo, one of the UK’s principal distributors, signed up for the film’s theatrical release and has also set a VOD and DVD release for August.

Actress Eva Van der Gucht, director Bavo Defurne and actor Jelle FloorizoneJust last Sunday, North Sea Texas closed the London Gay and Lesbian Film Festival with a red carpet moment. After its passage in London, the film even received a three star review inThe Guardian. Reviewer Henry Banes pegs it as a ‘beautiful-looking film about fledging gay love on the Belgian coast’ with brilliant acting.

Based on a popular novel by André Sollie, North Sea Texas presents the story of Pim, a lonely kid who brightens up his grim life with dreams of princesses and beauty queens. As a teenager his dreams turn to Gino, the rugged boy next door, his motorcycling hero. But Gino isn’t that much of a dreamer himself. Or is he?

Last year, North Sea Texas landed both the Silver Zenith Award for best feature debut at the Montreal World Film Festival and the Marc’Aurelio Alice Nella Città 13+ Award at the Rome International Film Festival. The film is Bavo Defurne’s first feature, following shorts such as Sailor and Camp-fire. The film was produced by Yves Verbraeken for Indeed Films. The film was made with the support of the Flanders Audiovisual Fund.

Published on Friday 6 April 2012

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