Three new projects for TV series received support from the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF) in its December round. The three series are Salamander, Clan and Zuidflank. The first two are entering their production stage, the latter received scriptwriting support.

Salamander is a new project for a twelve-part drama series by Frank Van Mechelen, the director of feature films such as The Intruder, Hell in Tangier and Germaine. It’s a political thriller about dark secrets, danger and intrigues. Production company is Skyline Entertainment which is also responsible for such TV series as Aspe and De Rodenburgs.

Brussels-based production company Caviar, known for its award-winning prestigious television series The Emperor of Taste, also has a new project in the pipeline. Clan is a ten-parter unspooling a murderous tale about four sisters and their brother-in-law. Both Kaat Beels (Hotel Swooni) and Nathalie Basteyns are the helmers.

Finally, there’s Zuidflank (South Flank). This series about a funeral and a family feud still is in a scriptwriting stage. Director is Hendrik Moonen, while the producer is Dirk Impens for Menuet (Code 37, The Misfortunates, Turquaze).

Published on Saturday 29 January 2011

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