Diwans.org kicks off in Brussels and Berlin

The international participatory web project Diwans.org will launch on 29 September with an unique live performance. The launch takes place during the Sufi Night at Bozar, the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels. The project has also been confirmed for the ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival (18-21 October) in Berlin.

Still from Diwans.org, contributed by Sarah VanagtDiwans.org is a living web project that immerses the web user in audio-visual poetry inspired by the ‘Diwans’ poems of Persian poet Hafez and German writer Goethe. The universe of the site reflects an intercultural artistic dialogue and invites anyone to answer with their own sound and image creations.

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Published on Sunday 23 September 2012

VAF to support 16 new Lab projects

A total of 16 Lab projects received funding from the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF) this autumn. The list includes a new short by Award-winning director and video artist Nicolas Provost as well as projects by Sarah Vanagt, Manon de Boer and Alexis Destoop.

Still from the rough cuts of Ezra Eeman's QuiesOf the 10 Lab projects that were confirmed production support, one of the titles that stands out is Nicolas Provost’s new project Tokyo Film. The filmmaker recently presented his feature debut The Invader and meanwhile continues to produce visually stunning short work. The list continues with other talented artists like Sarah Vanagt (The Corridor), Manon de Boer (Think about Wood, Think about Metal) and Laurent Van Lancker (Disorient) who are working on The WaveWhere's the Voice? Three Approximations and Diwans.org respectively.

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Published on Monday 19 December 2011

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