Life According to Nino voted best youth film in Malmö

Simone van Dusseldorp's Dutch/Belgian co-production Life According to Nino has won the prize for best youth film at the International Children and Young People's Film Festival (9-14 March) in Malmö, Sweden. Earlier this year the film picked up the prize for best children’s film at the Cinekid Festival in Amsterdam.

LifeAccordingToNinoWhen his mother dies, eight-year-old Nino no longer goes to school, stops bathing and eats crisps for breakfast. Nino isn’t the only one acting strangely in the family: his brother Lucas starts to raise hell in the city and even his father Bruno is no longer his usual self. At first this seems great fun, but Nino soon starts missing the affection of his father and brother. When Nino discovers he can talk to animals, he sets things to right with his rabbit Bobby.

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Published on Wednesday 18 March 2015

Life According to Nino wins Best International Children’s Film at Cinekid

Simone van Dusseldorp's Dutch-Belgian co-production Life According to Nino has won Best International Children’s Film at this year’s Cinekid in Amsterdam. Starring Koen De Graeve, Rifka Lodeizen and introducing Rohan Timmermans, the film received support from both Screen Flanders and the VAF/Film Fund. Flemish co-producer is Brussels-based production company Savage Film (LabyrinthusBullhead).

Life According to NinoLife According to Nino follows the everyday life of eight-year-old Nino. After his mother's death, Nino skips school, stops washing and eats crisps for breakfast. At first it seems great fun, but the boy comes to miss his dad’s and brother's attention and affection. When he discovers he can talk to animals, his pet rabbit Bobby proves invaluable.

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Published on Tuesday 28 October 2014

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