Admiral: Michiel de Ruyter selected for the Beijing International Film Festival

Roel Reiné’s historical drama Admiral: Michiel de Ruyter is to receive a gala presentation at this year’s fifth edition of the Beijing International Film Festival (17-20 April). Co-produced for Flanders by Ciné Cri de Coeur, the film was supported by the Screen Flanders Economic Fund.

Michiel De Ruyter Set in the mid-17th Century, Admiral: Michiel de Ruyter tells the story of the legendary Dutch admiral and takes us back to the time when the Netherlands was one of the world’s largest maritime nations. Politically, the Orangists and the republicans are locked in a battle for power. While republican Johan de Witt is the most powerful man in the the country, his opponents try to appoint the inexperienced but very ambitious young prince William III to the key position of ‘stadtholder’. The republicans are dedicated to winning the war against the English. When De Ruyter succeeds in defeating the English fleet he becomes incredibly popular, but conspiracies lead to a conflict with the supporters of the prince. The House of Orange sharpens its knives and De Ruyter is sucked into a political battle.

Published on Thursday 9 April 2015

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