EN - In a Flemish suburb during a summer heatwave, we follow housewife Sarah who is in complete denial after the death of her only son. She keeps being confronted by external forces, be it a nosy neighbour, a dead bird on her doorstep or a mysterious, headless boy. It's not clear which of these will make her accept the freak accident that overcame her son…

NL -  Sarah, een alleenstaande huismoeder, bevindt zich in een staat van complete ontkenning na de dood van haar enige zoon. Ze blijft geconfronteerd worden met externe krachten, zij het in de vorm van een nieuwsgierige buur, een dode vogel aan de deur of een hoofdloze jongen die ronddwaalt in haar oude landhuis. Het is onduidelijk welke kracht haar wakker zal schudden, maar een storm is op komst... Nigredo is een postmodern melodrama met een kantje af.

FR - Tourné dans une banlieue flamande lors d’une vague de chaleur pendant l’été. Nous suivons Sarah, une femme au foyer qui vit dans le déni de la mort de son fils unique. Sarah est continuellement confrontée à des forces extérieures, que ce soit un voisin bruyant, un oiseau mort sur le seuil de sa porte ou un garçon mystérieux et écervelé qui erre dans sa propriété. Nous ignorons quelle force la fera accepter l’horrible accident qui emporta son fils, mais une tempête se prépare dans son entourage.


Title Nigredo
Original title Nigredo
Original language Dutch
Status Completed
Production Majority Flemish
Category Shorts
Genre drama
Year 2012


Cast Ina Geerts, Wim Willaert, Kimke Desart, Dolores Bouckaert, Brenten Pieper
Photography Hyun De Grande
Editing Michael Van Ostade, Thijs Van Nuffel
Sound Arnout Colaert
Music Michael Van Ostade

Technical specs

Running time film 23'
Release format Blu-ray
Aspect ratio 2.75:1
Sound format Dolby Digital
Colour Colour and black-white
Available in 2D


Wild at heart

vaflaureatesIan Mundell talks to the latest batch of VAF Wildcard laureates: six recently graduated filmmakers, selected by a jury, who receive between €25,000 and €60,000 plus coaching from the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF) to make their first assignment in the real world. All six VAF Wildcard winning shorts will be shown as a part of this year’s Short Film Corner in Cannes.

Published on Friday 10 May 2013

VAF Wildcards reward six young filmmakers

Michael Van Ostade, Emilie Verhamme, Jeroen Broeckx, Bram Cartigny, Aad Verstraelen and Hans Galle are this year’s Wildcard winners and will be receiving a production fee for a first professional project. Since 2005, the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF) has aimed to award and coach young talent by organising the competition. This year, for the first time, an experimental Wildcard has been added to the fiction, animation and documentary prizes.

VAF Wildcard winners 2012After nearly a decade, the VAF Wildcards have become a widespread initiative, applauded by film students and film schools in Flanders. The laureates each receive a budget ranging from €25,000 to €60,000 to launch a first professional film project. Winning a VAF Wildcard has proved to be the beginning of a successful international career for many a former laureate.

Published on Wednesday 5 December 2012

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Last edited on 4 August 2014

Short info

Director Michael Van Ostade
Producers Michael Van Ostade
Writers Michael Van Ostade

Michael Van Ostade
Gitschotlei 154
2600 Berchem


Michael Van Ostade
Gitschotlei 154
2600 Berchem