EN - Two brothers start a bar and get swept up in its success in the midst of Belgium’s nightlife scene.


Title Belgica
Original title Belgica
Original language Dutch
Status In post-production
Production Majority Flemish
Category Features
Genre drama
Year 2016


Cast Tom Vermeir, Stef Aerts, Stefaan De Winter, Dominique Van Malder, Ben Benaouisse, Boris Van Severen, Sara De Bosschere, Charlotte Vandermeersch
Photography Ruben Impens
Editing Nico Leunen
Sound Jan Deca
Art director Kurt Rigolle
Costume Ann Lauwerys
Makeup Diana Dreesen
Music Stephen & David Dewaele

Technical specs

Running time film 105'
Available in 2D


Supported by Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF), Screen Flanders
Production partners Topkapi (NL), Pyramide Productions (FR)

Flanders Image presents "Talent 10 Watch" 2015

Autumn  2015 is set to become the busiest season ever for Flemish cinema. 10 Flemish filmmakers will present their first or second feature in the days, weeks and months to come. To celebrate their success, Flanders Image brought the 10 directors together for a photo shoot at Vilvoorde-based camera and lighting rental company Lites.

Ten to watchThe photo of the 10 filmmakers - available HERE (PSD) or HERE (JPEG) - is free of rights in HR/300dpi. (credit: Johan Jacobs/Flanders Image)

Published on Thursday 3 September 2015

Felix van Groeningen’s Belgica starts shooting

Earlier this week, Flemish director Felix van Groeningen began filming Belgica, a story about two brothers who get swept away by their own success. Last year, van Groeningen’s bluegrass drama The Broken Circle Breakdown was nominated for a Foreign Language Oscar.

BelgicaBelgica tells the story of Jo and Frank, two brothers who have their differences over the years but, when their paths cross once more, decide to start a bar called Belgica. The place becomes a hotspot in Belgium’s nightlife scene in no time, but both brothers threaten to get swept away by their success.

Published on Monday 8 December 2014

Belgica up next for Felix van Groeningen

Drama Belgica has been confirmed as the next feature from Oscar-nominated helmer Felix van Groeningen (The Broken Circle Breakdown). The project recently received production money from the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF). Principal photography is set to start this autumn.

Felix van GroeningenMid-January the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) announced that van Groeningen’s The Broken Circle Breakdown is among this year’s Foreign-language Oscar nominees. In the meantime, van Groeningen has also unveiled what is to become his fifth feature.

Published on Tuesday 25 February 2014

Matthias Schoenaerts and Stef Aerts to star in Felix van Groeningen’s Belgica

Actors Matthias Schoenaerts (BullheadRust and BoneThe Drop) and Stef Aerts (OxygenMadly in Love) are set to star in Belgica, Felix van Groeningen’s follow-up to his Oscar-nominated The Broken Circle Breakdown.

Rust & BoneThe drama follows two brothers who start a bar and get swept up in its success in the midst of Belgium’s nightlife scene. Van Groeningen completed the script of Belgica together with Arne Sierens, who also co-wrote With Friends Like These.

Published on Tuesday 18 February 2014

The Fortunate One

When everything comes together there’s nothing to beat being a film producer. ‘Finding an audience with a good film is amazing,’ says Dirk Impens of Menuet. It’s a big kick. It’s orgasmic.’ Impens felt the love early on in his career with Daens, which was nominated for an Oscar, and more recently with Felix Van Groeningen’s The Misfortunates, which was a huge success at home and in festivals abroad. Van Groeningen’s latest, The Broken Circle Breakdown, rolls out internationally at the Berlinale.

dirkimpensmagHowever, Impens wasn't so sure it would happen with van Groeningen's most recent movie. Where The Misfortunates attracted a young audience with its mix of comic bad behaviour and deep emotion, The Broken Circle Breakdown is about a more sobering subject: a couple driven apart when their small daughter develops a terminal illness.

Published on Wednesday 15 May 2013

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Last edited on 24 November 2015

Short info

Director Felix van Groeningen
Producers Dirk Impens
Writers Felix van Groeningen, Arne Sierens

Dirk Impens
Coupure Links 67
9000 Ghent
T +32 9 235 73 70
F +32 9 235 73 79


The Match Factory
Balthasarstrasse 79-81
50670 Cologne
T +49 221 539 709 10
F +49 221 539 709 10

Website www.belgicafilm.com
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