EN - Ajax and Slim are neighbours but they make a very odd couple, and have totally opposite personalities: Ajax is a loner, Slim is the life of the party; Ajax is awkward, Slim is suave; Ajax is a human, Slim is a giraffe. Every morning they squish into the lift, along with all of their other neighbours and go down to work together. But Slim gets off at the 3rd floor and goes into the jungle with the other animals, while Ajax exits on street level with the humans… So there we discover the two worlds - the urban human world, the jungle world for the animals - which sometimes intermingle. Animals and humans can socialise and fraternize, just like Ajax and Slim.


Title Crazy Humans
Original title Crazy Humans
Original language English
Status In development
Category Animation , TV series
Genre animation, fantasy, absurd comedy
Year 2019


Technical specs

Running time series 52 x 7'
Available in 3D


Production partners Zooper Film (DE), Tinker Magic (ES)

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Last edited on 30 May 2016

Short info

Director Adam Long
Producers Mark Mertens
Writers Adam Long

Grid Animation
Mark Mertens
Dulle-Grietlaan 1
9050 Gentbrugge
T +32 9 265 98 98
F +32 9 265 98 99


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