EN - This film deals with the things that matter in life : girls, boys, motorbikes, relationships, sex – you know how it is…


Title 50CC
Original title 50CC
Status Completed
Year 2000


Cast Sam Louwyck, Lies Pauwels, Trixie Withley, Sylvie Buytaert

Technical specs

Running time film 41’
Release format 16 mm
Colour Colour


The Full Felix

At film school students are taught that a movie is made three times. You write it, you shoot it, and you edit it. Felix Van Groeningen never forgot this lesson. At every stage of filmmaking, the director will push things to the limits. He writes versions of the same story until he goes crazy himself. While shooting, he keeps on going until the whole crew is exhausted. And while editing he takes radical measures to get to the point where the film is the rollercoaster it was intended, but never foreseen to be.

Felix rising

fvgWhat sets Felix Van Groeningen’s heart racing is the moment when he can match an actor with a role. ‘When I see those two things come together, for me it’s like the feeling of falling in love,’ he says capturing that sence of excitement in a performance is what his cinema is all about. ‘At the moment itself, in front of the camera. It has to touch me. The director of such films as The Misfortunates and The Broken Circle Breakdown is happy to admit that  he finds writing difficult and that visual style is not uppermost in his mind when conceiving a film.

Published on Wednesday 22 May 2013

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Last edited on 30 July 2015

Short info

Director Felix van Groeningen
Producers School of Arts | KASK
Writers Felix van Groeningen

Henk Vandekerkhove
Academiestraat 2
9000 Ghent
T +32 9 223 81 02
F +32 9 223 52 31

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