EN - Seven selected adolescents (18-25), adults (40-50) or elderly people (60-70) spend seven days together in a castle. They have never met before. The evolution of this group is a major ingredient. 7 lives has three series (I, II and III) of seven episodes each and shows what occupies them most and what they basically do not care about. The concept is based on the seven passions in life : fear, joy, anger, desire, sadness, hatred and love, all with a touch of humour and levity. As such, they let their hearts speak and reveal the deeper feelings that made them do one thing and not another. To create a filmic style, external elements were introduced: time, the castle as a living being, a black cat... All of this builds up a mysterious and uneasy atmosphere, enhancing the symbolism of the number seven.


Title 7 Lives
Original language Dutch
Status Completed
Category TV series
Year 1997


Editing Studio Jack The Cutter
Music Dominique Pauwels, Live

Technical specs

Running time series 22 x 25'
Release format Digital Betacam
Aspect ratio 16:9


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Last edited on 22 June 2017

Short info

Director Jan Matthys
Writers Dirk Nielandt

Sylvester Productions
Geert Vanoverschelde
Wakkerzeelsestraat 65
3150 Wespelaar
T +32 16 61 80 80
F +32 16 61 80 88