EN - Hundreds of white rabbits live in the magic city of Abracadabra, which is located inside the hat of a renowned elderly magician. They all have the same goal: to be the best at transformation and thus be selected to be conjured out of the hat during the show! Pocus, a rebel rabbit, tries to find his place amongst the others in this petty town. He is bad at transformation because of his overly long ears and passionate temperament, and invents the most absurd plans to escape Abracadabra. His best friend Hocus, a corpulent carefree ‘bon vivant’ rabbit who always transforms into too big objects, tags along on the crazy adventures. Fortunately, the pair can count on Betty, the granddaughter of Irma, the fortune-teller. They need all the help they can get, because Morty, a know-it-all careerist, always opposes their plans…


Title Abracadabra
Original title Abracadabra
Original language English, Dutch, French
Status In development
Production Majority Flemish
Category Animation , TV series
Genre absurd cartoony comedy
Year 2018


Technical specs

Running time series 39 x 7'
Colour Colour
Available in 2D


Supported by the VAF/Media Fund, Creative Europe Media
Production partners VRT/Ketnet (BE), 2 Minutes (FR)

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Last edited on 30 May 2016

Short info

Director Dimitri Oosterlynck
Producers Viviane Vanfleteren, Dimitri Oosterlynck
Writers Xavier Vairé, Pierre-Gilles Stehr, David Boriau

Vivi Film
Marco Levantaci
Deschampehleerstraat 24-26
1081 Brussel
T +32 2 412 01 13


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