The preparations and rehearsals for a production of Mozart's Don Giovanni. Four fictional characters mirror the seductions, coquetries and infidelities of the libretto.


Les préparatifs et répétitions pour une mise en scène de Don Giovanni de Mozart. Quatre personnages fictifs incarnent les séductions, les coquetteries, et les infidélités de l’opérette.


Title Babel Opera, Or The Rehearsal Of Don Juan
Original title Babel Opera, Or The Rehearsal Of Don Juan
Original language French, Dutch, Italian
Status Completed
Category Features
Year 1985


Cast François Beukelaers, Stéphane Excoffier, Alexandra Vandernoot, José Van Dam, Pierre Thau, Stuart Burrows, Ashley Putnam

Technical specs

Running time film 75’
Release format 35mm


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Last edited on 26 August 2013

Short info

Director André Delvaux
Producers Jean-Claude Batz
Preferential partners