EN - During his stay in New York, a young Flemish artist discovers the meaning of “The Big Apple” through the fantastic imagination of Hieronymus Bosch. Is it fantasy or is it real?

FR - Lors de son séjour à New York, un jeune artiste flamand découvre la signification de « The Big Apple » au travers de l’imagination fantastique d’ Hieronymus Bosch. Est-ce imaginaire ou réel?


Title Big Apple Story
Original language English, Dutch, French
Status Completed
Category Features
Year 2001


3D Animation Imagination in Motion

Technical specs

Running time film 90'
Release format 35 mm


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Last edited on 5 May 2017

Short info

Director Hugo De Kempeneer
Producers Linda van Tulden
Writers Hugo De Kempeneer

Hugo De Kempeneer
Verdunstraat 408
1130 Brussels
T +32 2 241 77 95
F +32 2 241 77 95

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