EN - Two people, €0 budget, 0 crew, 0 permits. A cartoon-like action-film parody; a gangster movie with the first car-chase ever shot in Bruges. Bruges is threatened by two notorious gangs: the ruthless Alfredo's and the Torietti's, who have more values. Betty and Marc are an average couple who hate their jobs and dress up as Bonnie and Clyde to try and have a little fun. When they accidentally witness Alfredo killing a key figure in the Torrieti family, they get caught up in their gang war. They weren't careful what they wished for and are obliged to live life like their heroes. They now realise that a peaceful life wasn’t so bad after all.

NL - Twee mensen, € 0 budget, geen crew, geen vergunningen. Een stripachtige actiefilmparodie, een gangsterfilm met de eerste achtervolgingsscène gedraaid in het Belgische Brugge.


Title Bonnie&Clyde Copycats
Original title Bonnie&Clyde Copycats
Original language English
Status Completed
Production Minority Flemish
Category Features
Genre Action parody
Year 2017
World première / first public presentation 2017-12-12


Cast Bo & Gustavo Catilina, Marc Isselee, Michel Gabriels, Luc De Schrijver, Barbara Axters, Ben Huysman
Editing Bo & Gustavo Catilina
Music Bo & Gustavo Catilina

Technical specs

Running time film 50'
Release format HD
Aspect ratio 16:9
Sound format Stereo
Colour Colour
Available in 2D


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Last edited on 18 December 2018

Short info

Director Bo Catilina, Gustavo Catilina
Producers Bo Catilina, Gustavo Catilina
Writers Bo Catilina, Gustavo Catilina

BogusCat Productions
Bo & Gustavo Catilina


Website www.bonnieclydecopycats.com
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