When a young woman returns to her family home, she finds it hard to deal with the upper middle class morals of her parents. Both parents and daughter do their best to get along with each other, but is there a way to come together or is sadness all that remains?


Title Brussels-Luxemburg
Original title Brussel-Luxemburg
Status Completed
Category Shorts , Animation
Year 2004


Cast Diane Debelder, Aza Declercq, Rikkert van Dijck
Photography Julien Ladavid
Editing Jeroen van Hecken
Music Fennesz

Technical specs

Running time film 12
Release format Beta Digit
Colour B/W


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Last edited on 27 March 2015

Short info

Director Sen Haerens
Producers Sen Haerens
Writers Sen Haerens
Contact Sen Haerens
Lankem 8 2
B-2200 Noorderwijk
T +32 473 86 50 35