EN - Caught in the Act is not a typical crime series: no wailing sirens, no flashing blue lights, no blood dripping from the screen. The circumstances, personalities and motivations of the perpetrators are at least as important as the crimes they commit. The six leading characters from the Special Investigation Branch of the Brussels CIB are no Rambos. They are real human beings.

The central character is Matti Tomasetti. She is the first and only female detective in the CIB. She is the kind of woman about whom people think if I'm going to have to deal with the police, I'd rather it was with her. But if I had something to hide... she'd be the last person!


Title Caught In The Act
Original title Heterdaad
Original language Dutch
Status Completed
Production Majority Flemish
Category TV series
Year 1997


Cast Gilda De Bal, Jo De Meyere, Ben Van Ostade, Oswald Versyp, Dirk Tuypens, Kris Cuppens, Karel Deruwe, Hans De Munter, Pepijn Caudron
Editing Luc Provoost, Eddy Bergiers
Art director Jan Bruyndonckx, Ine Coormans, Joke Sieben, Ria Van Eyndhoven
Costume Maria Huysegoms, Erna Siebens, Greet Symons
Makeup Eddy Servaes, Freya Van Dorpe
Music Johan Hoogewijs

Technical specs

Running time series 10 x 55'
Aspect ratio 16:9
Sound format Dolby SR



1996: Best Photography - Widescreen Festival Amsterdam (NL)

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Last edited on 23 June 2017

Short info

Director Anne Ingelbrecht, Mark De Geest, Frank Van Mechelen, Marc Lybaert
Producers Tia Merecy
Writers Mark De Geest, Ward Hulselmans, Marga Neirinck

Ilse De Vlieger
Tollaan 107 Box 3
1932 Sint-Stevens-Woluwe
T T +32 2 716 34 11
F F +32 2 725 39 77