EN - A short film which highlights the difficulties of communication between people from two different cultures and with different life experiences. What starts out as a simple conversation about wine turns out to be a fundamental breaking point in a relationship. The love between a Syrian girl and a European guy isn’t strong enough to transcend the gulf between them and escalates into a romantic and philosophical drama.


Title Cheers!
Original title Cheers!
Original language English
Status Completed
Production Majority Flemish
Category Shorts
Genre Drama
Year 2018
World première / first public presentation 2018-05-12


Cast Angela Al Souliman, Joachim Michaux
Photography Hans Bruch Jr, Sean Luke
Editing Kinshuk Surjan
Sound Mahmoud Zourob, Jean-Noël Boissé

Technical specs

Running time film 9'
Release format DCP
Colour Black-white
Available in 2D


Supported by Kunstenfestivaldesarts


2018: Sarajevo Film Festival (BA); Film Fest Gent (BE)

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Last edited on 15 March 2019

Short info

Director Angela Al Souliman
Producers Gawan Fagard, Gwendolyn Lootens
Writers Angela Al Souliman

Gawan Fagard & Gwendolyn Lootens
Manchesterstraat 36
1080 Brussels
T +32 484 817 833
T +32 494 371 886


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