EN - The grey legions invade the world of colour to establish their colourless dominion. Resistance appears in the shape of a scarlet Arlequin, who restores the reign of colour using his chromatic trickery.


Title Chromophobia
Original language no dialogues
Status Completed
Category Shorts , Animation
Year 1965


Music Ralph Darbo

animation: Raoul Servais / backgrounds: Norbert Desyn

Technical specs

Running time film 10'
Release format 35mm
Aspect ratio 1:1.33
Sound format Mono
Colour Colour



1966: San Marco Lion, First Prize for Animation film (International Film Festival Venice) / Miqueldi De Plata, First Prize for Short Films (International Film Festival Bilbao) / First Prize for Short Films (International Film Festival Tehran) / Prize of the Ministery of Culture of Iran / Film Critic's Award (International Film Festival Tehran) / First Prize (International ILFI Film Festival Montreal) / First Prize (International Film Festival Hyeres) / First Prize (International Film Festival of Ramat' Gan (Israël) / Grand Prix for Animation film: National Film Festival Antwerp) / First Prize (Benelux Film Festival) / C.I.D.A.L.C. Prize (Centre International des Arts, Littérature & Cinéma - Paris) / Preis für Volkerfreundschaft (Internationale Kurzfilmtage Leipzig) / Peace Award (International Film Festival Moscow).

Animation pioneer Raoul Servais honoured in Poland

Belgian animator and filmmaker Raoul Servais has received the Chrystal Pegasus Award at ‘Animator’, the Polish International Animation Film Festival, in recognition of his entire career. The festival presented a retrospective with nine of his Servais’s short films, alongside his feature Taxandria.

Raoul ServaisInternationally recognised as the founding father of Belgian animation, Raoul Servais was guest of honour at the Animator film festival in Poland. The filmmaker was presented with the Chrystal Pegasus Award honouring his entire career, which spans more than five decades.

Published on Monday 27 July 2015

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Last edited on 30 July 2015

Short info

Director Raoul Servais
Writers Raoul Servais

Boterberg 38
B-1630 Linkebeek
T T +32 2 217 28 92
F F +32 2 219 53 22


Boterberg 38
B-1630 Linkebeek
T T +32 2 217 28 92
F F +32 2 219 53 22

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