EN - A documentary short about two families from different social backgrounds. While the relatives are unable to live together, the four children keep the families allied forever. Contraire is director Valérie Baeyens’ personal story. Her mother's family belongs to the Belgian nobility while her father's is a typical middle class family. Baeyens interviewed her parents and grandparents about their difficulties with each other.


Title Contraire
Original title Contraire
Status Completed
Category Shorts , Docs
Year 2004


Cast Anne van Dievoet, Romain Baeyens, Thérèse De Keuckelaer, Guido van Dievoet, Jeanne Aerens, Benoit Baeyens, Valérie Baeyens
Editing Valérie Baeyens
Music Patrick Janssens

Technical specs

Running time film 13’50”
Release format DV
Colour Colour



2004: Canvas Prize (Lichtpunt)

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Last edited on 1 June 2016

Short info

Director Valérie Baeyens
Producers RITCS School of Arts
Writers Valérie Baeyens

Valérie Baeyens
Halfmaartstraat 17
3000 Leuven
T +32 16 22 76 27
F +32 16 29 11 43

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