EN - What an elephant-sized colossal catastrophe! First the humans cover their island with high-rises and factories until it resembles a dump rather than a natural paradise. And then they want to scurry away as soon as problems arise. Plus, the animals’ island is in danger of sinking into the ocean: every day, the water rises a little higher, covering more land, and it seems doom is only days away. For the humans, this is not a problem; they decide to build a big ship and sail off to find themselves a new island. But what about all those animals that live on the other island? Lion King Leonardo promises that he will make sure that all the animals are saved. But the little caterpillar Hugo and his best friend, the giraffe Olli, are convinced that this is just a rumour. Humans have never cared about the animals; why should that be any different now?


Title Crazy Island
Original title Crazy Island
Original language English
Status In development
Production Majority Flemish
Category Animation
Genre animation, fantasy, absurd comedy
Year 2019


Technical specs

Running time film 80'
Available in 3D


Production partners Wunder Werk (DE), Zooper Film (DE), Tinker Magic (ES)

Flanders on the Spotlight at Cartoon Movie

Flanders will be the guest of honour at this year’s edition of Cartoon Movie (8-10 March), Europe’s prime pitching and co-production platform for animated features. Some 10 animation producers from Flanders will present themselves during the event as the ‘Flandriens of Animation’. Three Flemish projects and five co-productions from Flanders will also be pitched at Cartoon Movie.

Flandriens of AnimationIn total, 55 European projects have been invited to Cartoon Movie, which is being held in the city of Bordeaux this year. The event puts the spotlight on a specific region for the first time, with Flanders being granted the honours for this inaugural edition. Over the years, Flemish animation producers have played an important role in international co-productions, contributing to Oscar-nominated films such as The Triplets of BellevilleThe Secret of Kells and A Cat in Paris. Flanders also has a strong record at Cartoon Movie, with companies like Grid Animation, Walking The Dog, nWave Pictures and Vivi Film all collecting Cartoon Movie Tributes as Producers of the Year.

Published on Thursday 9 March 2017

Flanders Animation in the spotlight in Annecy

Animation projects from Flanders will take centre stage during the first edition of the Flanders Animation Focus at this year’s International Animation Film Festival in Annecy. On 17 June, 11 Flemish producers will pitch their upcoming animation features and series to potential co-producers and buyers. The initiative reflects the ambition of the Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF) to stimulate the production and international promotion of animation from Flanders.

Flanders Animation FocusThe Flanders region boasts a wide variety of high-end animation studios and creative talent, resulting over the past few years in various nominations and prizes abroad. During the Flanders Animation Focus, 11 projects, both animation features and series, will be presented to potential co-producers, co-financers, buyers and distributors.

Published on Wednesday 8 June 2016

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Last edited on 30 May 2016

Short info

Director Jesper Møller
Producers Mark Mertens
Writers Guillermo Mordillo, Jesper Møller

Grid Animation
Mark Mertens
Dulle-Grietlaan 1
9050 Gentbrugge
T +32 9 265 98 98
F +32 9 265 98 99


Preferential partners