EN - Cuba. Fidel Castro's dream is over: now it is every man for himself. Nevertheless, there remains a kind of warm solidarity, spiced by a type of black humour which has become typically Cuban. Cuba 111 is the name of a house in Cuba Street, Havana. It used to be a mansion with a store, but now it's run-down. Forty families live in this solar : a five floor apartment building opening onto a large yard. The electrical cables are hanging everywhere, the railings falling apart, the floors breaking up. The hot humid atmosphere is suffocating. The noise of this hive is unbearable people live in all kinds of small enclosures made of anything. Cuba 111 draws the portrait of ordinary people living in this famous solar. Their dreams, their sorrows, their fiestas and their cynicism.


Title Cuba 111
Original language Spanish, English
Status Completed
Category Shorts , Docs
Year 1996


Technical specs

Running time film 40'
Release format Betacam SP



1996: Special Prize - FIPA Biarritz (FR); Silver Hugo - Chicago International Film Festival (US)

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Last edited on 23 June 2017

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