EN - The Culinary Stars of Europe offers a tasty international documentary series in which renowned European top chefs trade their sophisticated cooking ranges for a stimulating discovery journey to the authentic culinary roots of their region. The Culinary Stars of Europe series has more than thirty regions in about ten different countries listed on its menu. Each episode whets the appetite of one region by two local top chefs. This rural pilgrimage leads to unexpected moments of tasting and cooking, flavoured with a dash of tourism and folklore, a focus on the typical ingredients and a pinch of human interest. In their natural professional habitat as well as during their journey of culinary discovery, both chefs explore the same region in Europe, blending tradition and innovation, superior top gastronomy and authentic European culinary culture into a tasty documentary. The television series is linked with the Culinary Star of Europe Competition which will bring together the best young chefs of Europe.


Title The Culinary Stars Of Europe
Original language English
Status Completed
Category Shorts , Docs
Year 2002


Technical specs

Running time film 30'
Release format Digital Betacam
Aspect ratio 16:9


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Last edited on 13 June 2017

Short info

Director Philippe Denys, Jan Vandermotte
Producers Erik Symons

TV De Wereld
Karl Symons
Aartdijk 3 / 601
3018 Wijgmaal
T +32 16 30 09 00
F +32 16 30 09 01