Two young men run away in opposite directions to avoid a third one, but got nevertheless stuck in the same place in a dark forest, on a sunken road (a cutting). All three of them approach the reality from a different point of view (relativism, causality and sexuality).


Title The Cutting
Status Completed
Category Shorts
Year 1999


Cast Joost Wijnant, Geert Vaes, Benjamin Verdonck
Photography Jan Dellaert, Peter Missotten
Editing Nico Leunen
Music Krewcial, Diederick Decock and Thomas Noël, Art Sullivan, Eric Sleichim, Duracell-drumming, Erik Taeleman

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Last edited on 3 September 2013

Short info

Director Peter Missotten, Bram Smeyers
Producers Hans Bocxstael, Anne Quirynen
Writers Paul Pourveur

De Filmfabriek
Peter Missotten
hoogstraat 33
3360 Bierbeek
T T +32 16 460 100
F F +32 16 461 276

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