Three actors are locked in a black box in the middle of the room. It is completely dark in the box. Each actor has a sub-miniatur-infraredcamera, taped to his forehead, between the eyes. The ultimate subjective shot. The lighting in the box is infrared (like the diodes in your remote control) - utterly invisible for the actors, perfectly visible for the cameras. On top of the box are four video projectors that beam their images to the four points of the compass. A little bit like a lighthouse. Each point of view from the three actors will be beamed by one projector. The fourth projector showes a landscape : the frame of the actions.


Title The Death Of Tintagiles
Original title De dood van Tintagiles
Original language Dutch
Status Completed
Category Experimental
Year 2003


Cast First shows: Gable Roelofson, Sofie Van Moll, Peter Vandemeulebroecke - Following shows & definitive cast: Joris Smit, Roel Swaenenberg, Peter Vandemeulebroecke

Technical specs

Release format Live videoperformance: situated between theatre performance and video installation
Sound format Stereo
Colour Colour


Supported by

VAF, Toneelacademie Maastricht, Ro Theater

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Last edited on 4 September 2013

Short info

Director Peter Missotten
Producers Peter Missotten
Writers Peter Missotten, Maeterlinck

De Filmfabriek
Peter Missotten
Hoogstraat 33
B-3360 Bierbeek
T T +32 16 46 01 00
F F +32 16 46 12 76


De Filmfabriek
Hoogstraat 33
B-3360 Bierbeek
T T +32 16 46 01 00
F F +32 16 46 12 76