DEVMAP is part of an ongoing investigation into the possibilities of virtual public spaces which have a direct relationship to the real world. DEVMAP is a virtual world created with the Quake III game engine modified to be sensitive both to external media sources and human presence. The virtual spaces of DEVMAP are continuously reconfigured with data and footage from the real world creating a changing environment that refracts physical reality and reflects the interests of its visitors. Using the avatar, one can navigate through this media landscape, seek information, communicate and interact with this (virtual) world. Created by Thomas Soetens and Kora Van den Bulcke, founders of Workspace Unlimited organization, DEVMAP was first shown at the Dutch Electronic Art Festival (DEAF04). The project will be available on the Internet as of the end of 2005, as part of the Virtual World of Art initiative that includes other virtual worlds and immersive projects.


Original title DEVMAP
Original language English
Status Completed
Category Experimental
Year 2004


Released 2004

open-GI programming: Patrick Bergeron / Quake 3 programming: Matt Mc Chesney, Patrick Bergeron, C.Isaac Larnder / character animation: Marc-Andre Baron / Maya assistance: Francesc Izquierdo

Technical specs


Supported by

VAF, V2 Institute, Organization for the Unstable Media, Flemish Community

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Last edited on 10 November 2011

Short info

Director Thomas Soetens, Kora Van den Bulcke
Producer Workspace Unlimited

Workspace Unlimited
Thomas Soetens
Tinnepotstraat 42
B-9000 Ghent
T +32 485 67 52 65