EN - Domino introduces the viewer to three interesting, eccentric and unusual people. Human interest in the first degree – so to speak. The programme is based upon the same principles as the game : one person leads to another and this triggers off a chain reaction, a domino effect. Domino portrays striking figures, people who attract attention with their peculiar way of life, unusual hobbies or their strange collections. Open minded and respecting privacy, the presenter interviews these people and digs deeper into their personalities, passions and goals in life. In an eye-catching car she travels from one person to the next. Directions from passers-by and hints from the interviewees help her find the next remarkable person. Domino broadens social horizons by showing next-door neighbours and fellow creatures who differ from the average citizen. Fascinated by these unusual lifestyles, viewers can learn more about the inhabitants of their own country and explore the labyrinth of the human mind.


Title Domino
Original language Dutch
Status Completed
Category TV series
Year 1999


Cast Gerty Christoffels

Technical specs

Running time film 30
Release format Digital Betacam


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Last edited on 22 June 2017

Short info

Producers Kim De Vry
Writers Jourik Vandervorst

TV De Wereld
Karl Symons
Vaartdijk 3 601
B-3018 Wijgmaal (Brabant)
T T +32 16 30 09 00
F F +32 16 30 09 01

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