“After having, for years, deciphered the wrinkled foreheads of the people on the sidewalks of Brussels, after having held daily conversations with himself, after having meticulously weighed and measured, throughout his young life, that which is good and that which is evil, he had made a decision. With no limits and in a generous gesture, he would become one with absolute goodness. His loved one brought him his horse. He made ready for his gracious entry into Brussels. She knew that he must do this alone. So she went and he gave and he endured.”


Title The Entrance
Original title De intrede
Original language Dutch, French
Status Completed
Category Shorts
Year 2002


Cast Benjamin Verdonck, Lise Solar, Jan-Joris Lamers, Margijn Bosch, Willy Thomas, Guy Dermul, Robby Cleiren, Bruno Vandenbroecke and a horse and a pigeon and a dog
Photography Ruben Impens
Editing Dieter Diependaele

Technical specs

Running time film 18’
Release format 35 mm



- Special Aleph Mention at the Magma International Film Festival - Sicily (I) - Special Mention Aprile at the Milano International Film Festival (I) - Peter Hvizde Award Best Film Debut - Brno 16 (Tsjechië)

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Last edited on 10 September 2013

Short info

Director Pieter De Buysser
Writers Pieter De Buysser

vzw Lampe
Pieter De Buysser
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1000 Brussels
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La Big Family
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