EN - On the outskirts of an industrial city over one night in a hotel, 12 very different people in six rooms share hilarious, intimate and unforgettable moments.

FR - “Comme si vous pouviez tuer le temps sans blesser l’éternité” – Henry David Thoreau. Au cours d’une nuit dans un hôtel situé dans la périphérie d’une ville industrielle, douze personnes très différentes logeant dans six chambres partagent des moments intimes, hilarants et inoubliables.


Title Four Roses
Original title Four Roses
Original language English
Status Completed
Category Features
Year 2010


Cast Brad Moore, Aldevina da Silva, John Samaha, John Flanders, Felipe Mafasoli, Mieke Daneels, Hiske De Landtsheer, Axel de Vreese, Shai Shahar
Photography Kris De Meester
Editing Kris De Meester
Music Jamie Sieber, Ehren Starks, Beth Quist, Solance

Technical specs

Running time film 80'
Release format HDV
Aspect ratio 1:78
Sound format Stereo
Colour B/W



2010: Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood (USA) / Ciné Privé 2010 (BE) / European Independent Film Festival (FRA) / Cannes Independent Film Festival (FRA) / Nomadic Tendencies Film Festival (USA) / Strasbourg International Film Festival (FRA) / Atlanta Underground Film Festival (CAN) / Toronto Independent Film Festival (CAN) / Radar Hamburg Independent Film Festival 2010 (DEU) / Stepping Stones Film Festival (IND) / BE Film Festival (BE) / Back in the Box (USA) / Indie Fest La Jolla (USA) / The Screening Room (USA)


2010: Best Foreign Feature Drama Award (Atlanta Underground Film Festival) / Best Fiction Feature Film Award (Radar Hamburg Independent Film Festival 2010) / Best Comedy (Amsterdam Film Festival) / Best Foreign Feature Drama (Atlanta Underground Film Festival) / Best No-Budget Film (Cannes Independent Film Festival) / Indie Award of Merit (Indiefest La Jolla) / Award of Merit (Los Angeles Cinema Festival)

Four Roses wins at 12th Memphis

Kris De Meester's low-budget feature Four Roses has won the Award for Best Feature Film at this year's 12th Memphis International Film Festival (7-10 April).

Four RosesFour Roses has screened at a number of independent film festivals and gathered an array of awards, including Best Fiction Feature at the Radar Hamburg Independent Film Festival and Best Foreign Feature Drama at the Atlanta Underground Film Festival. The film features 12 very different people in six hotel rooms as they share hilarious, intimate and unforgettable moments.

Published on Wednesday 13 April 2011

Four Roses makes Dutch debut

Kris De Meester’s no/low-budget feature Four Roses is to receive a premiere screening in The Netherlands on 14 April at Amsterdam’s De Melkweg theatre. The selection of Four Roses recently for the Memphis International Film Festival in the US also marked the film’s 15th festival selection. In addition to festival invitations, it also grabbed several awards at indie film fests such as the Atlanta Underground Film Fest, the Radar Hamburg Independent Film Festival and the Cannes Independent Film Festival.

still from Four RosesIn Four Roses, 12 very different people in six hotel rooms share hilarious, intimate and unforgettable moments. Jack has invited Ivana, a hooker, to his room. He doesn’t want sex, only to talk. Ivana doesn’t trust him. Stand-up comedian Ira Levi agreed to an interview by Serge Beaufort, a Belgian reporter. Serge's English is terrible, which irritates Ira. At one point, Ira’s convinced Serge doesn’t understand a word he's saying. Two Brazilian lovebirds, Felipe and Lubke, are living day by day, from one dive to another. Felipe wants to sleep. Lubke wants to play.

Published on Thursday 10 March 2011

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Last edited on 18 July 2014

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Director Kris De Meester
Producers Kris De Meester
Writers Kris De Meester

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