EN - Having dutifully served their lords for decades, two nuns find out that ecstasy does not only come from above. When they stop at a shop that sells sex toys to buy candles, the nuns return to the convent with rubber phalli instead. Setting them alight the noxious smoke drives the nuns back to the shop for something that will smell more pleasant. The shopkeeper obliges, and this time, all the sister nuns will have their spirits raised.


Title Full Of Graces
Original title Vol van gratie
Original language no dialogues
Status Completed
Category Shorts , Animation
Year 1987



techniques used: drawing on cels

Technical specs

Running time film 8'
Release format 35mm
Colour Colour



1987: Nominated Golden Palm Best Short Film at Cannes Film Festival / 1988: Joseph Plateau Award Best Belgian Short Film

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Last edited on 30 July 2015

Short info

Director Nicole Van Goethem
Producers Willem Thijssen
Writers Nicole Van Goethem