EN - An orphan grows up in a convent. The nuns call the little boy Gabriel, after the angel. Sylvia, the young nun who found the orphan, is like a mother to the boy. She adores the child and calls him 'my little angel'. Because of all the angel stuff, Gabriel starts to think he's a real angel. Sylvia supports him in this fantasy. Every morning they look for a sign of wings on his shoulders. But Sylvia and the child don't find anything. Gabriel gets tired of waiting for wings. One day an old gardener says that Gabriel is human. The little angel feels offended. Gabriel will prove his 'angelhood' in a divine way.


Title Gabriel
Original title Gabriel
Original language Dutch
Status Completed
Category Shorts
Year 1999


Cast Kaïn Walgraeven, Magdalena Przybylek, Greta Van Langendonck, Nand Buyl
Photography Lucas Jodogne
Editing Joris Brouwers
Art director Jan Petitjean
Costume Danka Tonder
Makeup Pieter Devynck, Evie Hamels
Music Bo Spaenc

Technical specs

Running time film 11'
Release format 35 mm
Aspect ratio Cinemascoop



1999 - Best Flemish Short Film - Flanders International Film Festival Ghent (BE)

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Last edited on 22 June 2017

Short info

Director Renaat Coppens
Producers Geert Bert
Writers Siska Leemans

Kinepolis Film Productions
Eeuwfeestlaan 20
1020 Brussel
T +32 2 474 27 25
T +32 2 474 27 26

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