EN - What do you do if you find an alligator in your swimming pool ? If you live near the Florida Everglades, you call in a 'gator trapper like Lee Kramer. With water levels rising in North America's only sub-tropical wilderness, the alligators are on the move. There are more than a million of them in the Everglades and they're seldom welcome when they turn up unexpectedly. Lee Kramer is a real life Crocodile Dundee who earns his living trapping the renegade 'gators, most often returning them to the wild. The 'Gator Man looks at the problem and follows Lee Kramer as he goes from job to job, dealing with every type of 'gator from aggressive adolescents that don't know when they're well off, to large and dangerous ones that have to be hunted to death...


Title The Gator Man
Original language English, international version available
Status Completed
Category Shorts , Docs
Year 1997


Technical specs

Running time film 26'
Release format Betacam SP


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