In the middle of the Indian Thar-desert, near the Pakistan borders, lies the magnificent city of Jaisalmer. Thousand and thousands of tourists pass by here every year. All of them are looking for the mythical India of their expectations, hoping to actively experience cultural authenticity. Do they find what they are looking for? And travelling in India today, is it still adventorous? What happens when two completely different cultures have to interact with each other? A documentary film about deceit and (wanting to) be deceived.


Title Golden City
Original language /
Status Completed
Category Docs
Year 2001


Music Elfi De Vos
Released 2001

Technical specs

Running time film 20
Aspect ratio 16/9


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Last edited on 16 November 2011

Short info

Director Elfi De Vos

Hogeschool Gent - Department K.A.S.K.
Academiestraat 2
9000 Ghent
T +32 9 223 81 02
F + 32 9 223 52 31