EN - Love is universal. The world over, people's feelings of love have similar characteristics. But love and making love are certainly not purely physical elements. Besides the fact that the strongest forms of love, namely the love between the sexes and the love between parents and their children, are deeply embedded in human nature, and find their basis in instinctive passions, the different ways of expressing love are far more culturally determined. Expressions of love are as different as the various peoples that express them. A lot of things are, therefore, linked to cultural traditions, the 'level of civilisation', religion, etc. In this series, we explore how and why different cultures and peoples experience love in different ways. What are their needs, what are their motives, and how do they differ from our Western patterns of thought and action ?


Title Human Sexual Behaviour Around the World
Original language English
Status Completed
Year 2003


Music Olivier Lliboutry
Research team Prof. Dr. Erwin Haeberle (Robert Koch Institute, Berlin)

Technical specs

Running time film 13 x 45' + feature-length documentary


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Last edited on 8 December 2014

Short info

Director Roger Tucker, Julien Vrebos
Producers Martin Dewitte

Living Stone
Martin Dewitte
Kap. Cdt. Vinckestraat 11
8710 Wielsbeke
T +32 56 66 96 35
F +32 56 66 29 98