EN - A week before its delivery, a baby warns his pregnant mother he doesn't want to come out in this world and prefers to die instead. She tries then to convince him otherwise by telling him the story of his conception.

FR - Une semaine avant sa naissance, un bébé annonce à sa mère enceinte qu’il ne veut pas naître dans ce monde et préfère mourir. Elle essaie de le convaincre du contraire en lui racontant l’histoire de sa conception.


Title In Heaven As On Earth
Original title Sur la terre comme au ciel
Original language French
Status Completed
Category Features
Year 1992


Cast Carmen Maura, André Delvaux, Didier Bezace, Johan Leysen, Serge-Henri Valcke
Photography Josep Maria Civit
Editing Susana Rossberg, Michèle Hubinon
Sound Henri Morelle
Art director Thierry Leproust
Costume Yan Tax
Makeup Dick Naastepad
Music Takashi Kako

Technical specs

Running time film 80’
Release format 35mm


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Last edited on 30 June 2017

Short info

Director Marion Hänsel
Producers Marion Hänsel
Writers Marion Hänsel, Jaco Van Dormael, Paul Lé, Laurette Van Keerbergen

Man's Films Productions
Marion Hänsel
65 avenue Mostinck
1150 Brussels
T +32 2 771 71 37
F +32 2 771 96 12

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