EN - Two men are in an elevator that has crashed a few moments before. One of them is dead for 50 years, the other has only just died. The first one is Jewish, the other is an atheist. One of them brings a message which the other has to try to understand and accept otherwise death could become a nightmare.


Title In mortem
Original title In mortem
Original language French
Status Completed
Category Shorts
Year 1997


Cast Jean-Henri Compère, Hugues Hausman, Sophie Museur
Photography Aldo Piscina
Editing Philippe Bourgueil
Music Nicolas Fiszman, Cécilia Kankonda

Technical specs

Running time film 7'
Release format 35 mm


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Last edited on 23 June 2017

Short info

Director Daniel Cooreman
Producers Martine Lambrechts
Writers Daniel Cooreman, Hugues Hausman

Alexis Films
Martine Lambrechts
avenue E. Demolder 61
1030 Bruxelles
T +32 2 245 70 73
F +32 2 245 43 25

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