Smart 7-year-old Kika and brave fireman Bob are blown to the other side of the world by a typhoon during an attempt to rescue Kika’s kitten Tiger, who is stuck on a high church tower. During the series they travel back home, overcoming terrible obstacles, crossing strange territories and meeting even stranger people and animals.


Title The Incredible Adventures Of Kika And Bob
Original language English, Dutch
Status Completed
Category TV series
Year 2006


Technical specs

Running time film 26 x 13’


Supported by


Mipcom launch for Kika & Bob II and Wanna Be

Several formats from Flemish production company Walking the Dog/Off World are to be presented at this year’s entertainment content market MIPCOM (3 – 6 October) in Cannes. Kika & Bob II and So you wanna be… are just two of them.

Image from Picnic with PieKika & Bob II is an animated series produced by Submarine, Walking The Dog and Superprod. A not-too-clever fire-fighter called Bob and a feisty tomboy girl called Kika are travelling the world to save Kika’s cat Tiger. The series is targeted at six-to-nine-year-olds. Just as its predecessor, The Incredible Adventures of Kika and Bob, the series is created by Colette Bothof and Vincent Bal.

Published on Thursday 22 September 2011

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Last edited on 19 September 2013

Short info

Director Vincent Bal, Colette Bothof
Producers Linda van Tulden
Writers Vincent Bal, Colette Bothof

Linda Van Tulden
Oogstststraat 45
B-2600 Antwerp
T +32 3 458 58 68
F +32 3 458 58 98


Evergreen Entertainment
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W1T 1TE London
United Kingdom
T +44 20 7580 6553
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