Is The Great Bear A Lonely Bear is a three-part installation of which the first component, The Great Bears Eye, includes a one-man cinema performance. In The Great Bears Eye spectator and actor try to communicate with each other in the twilight zone between cinema and reality. The viewer becomes part of the imagery. the actor becomes more existent than a film character. The result is an interactive game of watching and being watched, of talking and listening.


Title Is The Great Bear A Lonely Bear
Original title Is The Great Bear A Lonely Bear
Original language English
Status Completed
Production Majority Flemish
Category Experimental
Year 2006


Editing Klaas Verpoest
Music Klaas Verpoest

Technical specs

Release format mini DV
Sound format Mono
Colour B/W


Supported by Flanders Audiovisual Fund (VAF)

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Last edited on 18 July 2014

Short info

Director Ief Spincemaille
Producers Peter Missotten

De Filmfabriek
Peter Missotten
Hoogstraat 33
3360 Bierbeek
T +32 (0)16 46 01 00
F +32 (0)16 46 12 76