On an empty beach, around 1920, a school teacher, his wife, son and the boy’s dog are enjoying a day at the seaside. A rich widower, his spoilt daughter and their female servant are elsewhere on the beach, amidst their wealth, as usual. A walk on the beach makes the two worlds collide: the poor(er) boy’s dog bumps into the girl, destroying her castle and soiling her dress. The sorrow of the frightened and tarnished girl, who had been ridiculed twice before that same day, is taken serious by no one. This, and especially the negligent behaviour of the boy’s father – a man from a much lower class – feeds her anger and makes her want to buy the dog, in order to be able to kill it. Both fathers seem start some kind of mock negotiation but what started as some didactic game evolves into an ever more serious confrontation, which will turn all who are present upside down…


Title Kong at the Seaside
Original title Kong aan zee
Original language Dutch
Status Completed
Category Shorts
Year 2006


Cast Wim Willaert, Dominique Van Malder, Veerle Malschaert, Emma Desaedeleir, Gilles Devilder en Claire Cardon
Photography Guillaume Vandenberghe
Editing Thomas Goffa
Music Wim Mertens

Technical specs

Running time film 11'
Release format 16mm
Aspect ratio 1:2.35 (scope)
Sound format Dolby SR
Colour Colour


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Last edited on 30 October 2013

Short info

Director Fedrik De Beul
Producers Sonia Gasparini, Ann Bellemans
Writers Fedrik De Beul

Primo Piano Productions
E.Plaskylaan 179
B-1030 Brussels
T +32 2 733 44 54
F +32 2 733 44 64

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