EN - Marc Hoogsteyns has been a war cameraman for 15 years. Trying to use his camera to make this a better world he now has second thoughts about his career! He feels he has failed in his ambitions and on the contrary contributed to make this world more cynical and cold. Fed up with the 15 news flashes that only show the cruel and the spectacular he wanted to share the lives of those in front of the cameralens. Being married to a Tutsi woman, whose family is living in a refugee camp in Rwanda, but wanting to return to the grounds from where violence has driven them away, Marc decided to spend some months together with these people and report about their struggle in a video diary. This film gives insight in the complicated Hutu / Tutsi problem, but is also a reflection on personal responsibility and the role of news coverage.


Title Kongomani
Original language Dutch
Status Completed
Category Docs
Year 2000


Photography Marc Hoogsteyns
Editing Koen Lens

Technical specs

Running time film 52'
Release format Digital Betacam


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Last edited on 8 December 2014

Short info

Director Marc Hoogsteyns
Producers Paul Pauwels
Writers Marc Hoogsteyns

Periscope Productions
Inge Rochette
Rue des Chartreux 23
1000 Brussels
T +32 2 646 21 30
F +32 2 640 56 60


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