EN - Kwaku lives with his grandmother Nana in a small village in Ghana. Nana always tells Kwaku a traditional Ghanaian fable about a clever spider called Kwaku as well. Like the spider, the boy is smart and independent and does most of the chores because Nana has a problem with her leg. One day, Kwaku hatches a plan to get a present for Nana - a present he’s been wanting to get her for some time.

FR - Kwaku vit avec sa grand mère Nana dans un petit village au Ghana. Nana lui raconte toujours un conte traditionnel Ghanéen d'une araignée nommé Kwaku qui était pas très fort mais très maline.


Title Kwaku
Original title Kwaku
Original language Ashanti (Twi)
Status Completed
Production Majority Flemish
Category Shorts
Year 2015
World première / first public presentation 2015-01-31


Cast Salas Adjei, Agnes Nti, Emmanuel Adu Baison, Oteng Solo
Photography Anthony Nti
Editing Jean-Paul Dames
Sound Charles Nti
Music Arthur Brouns, Souleymane Faye
Animation Remy M. Ndow

Technical specs

Running time film 15'32"


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Last edited on 10 July 2015

Short info

Director Anthony Nti
Producers RITCS School of Arts, Family Nti
Writers Anthony Nti


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