EN - Mexico, around the celebration of Día de los Muertos. Alejandro (40), a loving single father, struggles to improve his life for the sake of his six-year-old daughter Daniela. He wants to leave the migrant smuggling gang which he works for but fears for his life. When he gets assigned the task of transporting Central American immigrants to the border of the US, he sees an opportunity to escape with this daughter. During the trip, things start to go wrong and Alejandro has to make difficult decisions which open his eyes to a world he was unaware of.


Title Los Veo
Original title Los Veo
Status In pre-production
Production Majority Flemish
Category Shorts
Genre Drama
Year 2020
World première / first public presentation 2019-10-09


Technical specs

Running time film 18'


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Last edited on 4 November 2019

Short info

Director Daniel Granados
Producers Ellen De Waele, Elisa Heene
Writers Daniel Granados

Serendipity Films
Gouvernementstraat 20
9000 Ghent


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