Two women address themselves to an imaginary love-god seeking a unification as one and the same entity. The unification will not happen without the approval and the support of the imaginary love-god.


Title Love Is The Only Master I'll Serve
Original title Love Is The Only Master I'll Serve
Status Completed
Category Shorts
Year 2006


Cast Claron Mc Fadden, Louise Peterhoff, Clara-Lane Lens
Photography Renaat Lambeets
Editing Simone Rau (additional editing: Stefan Rijcken)
The Accacha Chronicles
and 3rd part
Amor Aeternus, Hymns Of Love
by Nicholas Lens

choreography: Louise Peterhoff / art director: Pierre-François Limbosch / costume design: Rose Rosine & Rosalie

Technical specs

Running time film 22'


Supported by

VAF, Axel Vervoort, ACE, Nozon, Condor, Sonic

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Last edited on 30 October 2013

Short info

Director Nicholas Lens
Producers Nicholas Lens
Writers Nicholas Lens

Tabaran company

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