EN - 441 b. C., Athens is besieged by Spartan troops. Lysistrata comes up with a plan to annoy the men of all the women, who now have to sleep on their own each night, because of this fight. They agree to refuse sexual contact with them when they return from the battlefield. After some days of protest, the men surrender and promise never to fight again.

Based on the work of Aristophanes

FR - 441 av. J.-C., Athènes est assiégée par les troupes Spartiates. Lysistrata met au point une stratégie pour priver les hommes de toutes les femmes. Ils doivent désormais dormir seuls toutes les nuits, à cause de ce combat. Elles acceptent de refuser le contact sexuel avec eux lorsqu’ils reviennent du champ de bataille. Après quelques jours de protestations, les hommes abandonnent le combat et promettent de ne plus jamais se battre.


Title Lysistrata
Original title Lysistrata
Original language Dutch
Status Completed
Category Features
Year 1976


Cast Denis Denys, Daniel Weinberger, Jacques Ambach, Frans Weyler, Annie Cre a.o.
Photography Erik Convents, Axel De Meester
Editing Lode Cafmeyer
Music Frans Weyler, Rossini

Technical specs

Running time film 65’
Colour Colour


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Last edited on 7 October 2013

Short info

Director Ludo Mich
Producers Ludo Mich, Lode Cafmeyer
Writers Mark Verreckt, Erik Kloek

Varia Film
Berthoutstraat 18
B-2600 Antwerp
T +32 3 239 66 87
F +32 3 239 66 87

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