EN - Tom, a lonely 11-year-old, bumps into a living angel statue on the street. Despite his multiple efforts to make the statue move, the angel remains motionless. Angry and desperate for attention, Tom challenges him.


Title Malakim
Original title Malakim
Status Completed
Production Majority Flemish
Category Shorts
Genre Magic Realism, Drama
Year 2013
World première / first public presentation 2013-11-28


Cast Vincent Collin, Ehsan Hemat, Ina Geerts, Poppe Boonstra
Photography Laurens De Geyter
Editing Ward Geerts
Music Peter Baert

Technical specs

Running time film 12'
Release format Apple Quicktime
Other available formats digital file (Apple Pro Res)
Available in 2D



2014: Cine Privé Kort - Ghent (BE), Kort Geschoten Film Festival - Antwerp (BE), Regensburg Short Film Week (DE), Skepto International Film Festival (IT), International Film Festival Lanzarote (ES), CMS International Children's Film Festival (IN), Friss Hus Budapest (BG), Shanghai International Film Festival (CN), Long Island International Film Expo (US), Film Festival Oostende (BE), Theater aan Zee - TAZ (BE), Tehran International Film Festival (IR), The Valley Film Fest (US)


2014: Best Fiction Short - Shanghai International Film Festival (CN), Special mention of the Jury - CMS International Children's Film Festival (IN)

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Last edited on 11 June 2015

Short info

Director Frederike Migom
Producers Lise Lambert, Frederike Migom
Writers Frederike Migom

Lise Lambert, Frederike Migom
Riema Reybrouck
Baksteenkaai 50
1000 Brussels
T +32 (0)479 02 53 95


Website www.2ndtotheright.com/malakim
Preferential partners