EN - Domien is a working class boy. As he is very strong he is selected to participate in the Belgian gymnasts’ team for the Olympic Games in Antwerp. He and his team obtain silver. After glorious years from 1920 to 1923 he stops practising top-class sport. This creative documentary is a combination of general information about the first World War, the Olympic Games of 1920, the coming into existence of gymnasts’ federations and the story of Domien’s life. ‘When watching Chariots of Fire I was thinking back of my grandfather who obtained silver in the Olympic Games of 1920. A fiction film on his life was not realisable, but I thought a documentary could bring his life story as well so that not only his glorious sportive achievements but also his magnificent love and family life would never be forgotten.’


Title Medal on the Sideboard (A) - Evocation of Domien Jacob’s Life (1897 – 1984)
Original language Dutch
Status Completed
Category Shorts , Docs
Year 2000


Editing Rudy Maerten

Technical specs

Running time film 28'
Release format Betacam SP
Colour Colour


Supported by Fonds Film in Vlaanderen


2002: Special Mention - International Festival FICTS Milano (IT)

2001: Paladino d’Argento - International Sports Film Festival Palermo (IT)

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Last edited on 14 June 2017

Short info

Director Jeannine Weyers
Writers Jeannine Weyers, Magda Wouters

Jeanine Weyers
Wapenstraat 2/bus 2
2000 Antwerp
T +32 3 288 77 47
F +32 3 288 90 43

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